Monday, March 26, 2012

World Championships: Pairs Preliminary round

Sui/Han won the preliminary round with 116.57. They did a throw triple salchow (they attempted a quad all season long, let's see if they are going to do it in the final), then a side by side triple toe, where she fell and didn't complete the combo, quad twist, double axel side by side, throw triple flip .

James/Cipres (FRA) earned the qualification too with a score of 96.48. they did a side by side triple toe-double toe, double twist,  throw triple loop, throw triple salchow.

Vartmann/Van Cleave (GER) are third with 90.68. They did a double twist, throw triple salchow, double salchow side by side. She fell on throw triple loop.

See other qualified teams here

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