Friday, March 9, 2012

Challenge cup: Men's short program

Florent Amodio did triple axel, then triple lutz-triple toe. His only mistake was the quad salchow, not perfectly landed. He is first with 82.48

Brian Joubert nailed his quad toe-double toe combo and triple axel. He attended a quad salchow as solo jump, that was not effortless, yet landed. Now he is in second. 78.79

Jeremy Abbott fell both on his quad toe (that was under rotated too) and triple axel. He completed his triple lutz-triple toe combo. He is currently in third with 77.97 due to high components score (42.91)

Samuel Contesti is fourth with a clean triple lutz-triple flip, then struggled a little bit on triple axel and triple flip. He got 77.15

Hendrickx is in fifth at the moment with the best technical score of 42.63. He did triple axel, triple lutz-triple toe and triple loop.

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