Thursday, March 1, 2012

Junior World Championships: Pairs results

Sui/Han won the junior worlds with a free skate scored 116.40. they tried both of their quads and nailed them. The throw quad salchow was not effortless, but the quad twist was perfect. Then they had troubles on sbs triple toe-double toe (the double toe was downgraded. Apart from that, any other element was nicely done, included a stunning throw triple flip in the second part of the program.

The other Chinese couple Yu/Jin placed second with 112.76 in the free skate. Their performance was very clean with a triple twist, a sequence of double axels sbs, a tiple toe sbs, throw triple loop and salchow.

Davankova/Deputat of Russia gained the bronze medal with a 103.16 free skate. They did triple toe-double toe sbs, throw triple flip and loop, triple twist and a struggled double axel sbs.

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