Thursday, February 21, 2013

Challenge Cup 2013: Carolina Kostner breaks the 70 points

Carolina Kostner broke the 70 points at Challenge Cup 2013 with a perfect short program. She did everything clean opening with a triple loop and then hitting a triple toe-triple toe combo. She received level four on any element except the layback (that was planned to be a level three) and assured the best components score of the competition (34.60). Total score 72.81

In second place Mae Berenice Meite did a triple toe-triple toe and a triple loop too, instead of the usual triple lutz as her solo jump. She was solid and earned 57.12.
Some points behind, Kerstin Frank is currently in third with 53.23. She executed a triple lutz-double toe and a triple salchow. Francesca Rio executed her same elements and received 2 points more than the Austrian skater in the components, but for a level 1 layback spin she is now in fourth with 52.89.

1. Carolina Kostner (audio fixed by pannap86!)
2. Mae Berenice Meite
3. Kerstin Frank
4. Francesca Rio
5. Juulia Turkilla

This videos are without audio for technical problems of the Challenge Cup youube channel, that is kindly uploading all senior ladies programs.

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