Saturday, February 9, 2013

4CCs: Men free skate

Kevin Reynolds (CAN) usually has problems with rotating his jumps and for that his several quad attempts are not rewarded as he would expect, but today his technical score makes you believe that they were very good. He landed three quads (one salchow and two toes), one in the second half of the program and a triple axel-triple toe. 172.21

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), leader after the short, didn't have the best skate of the season. He opened with a stunning quad toe, but then turned to double an attempted quad salchow that he rarely nailed this season. Even his triple axels weren't as easy as he usually does them but his major mistake was on his last jump, a supposed to be triple lutz, that became a single. 158.73

For this being his first important competition as a senior, Han Yan (CHN) performed very well. He has a very good technique, especially his toe-pick jumps are spectacular. He opened with a very good triple axel-triple toe that covered a high distance. He badly fell on the quad toe and it took time for him to get back to the choreography, but regrouped nailing some nice jumps. 150.14

Max Aaron (USA) had a stunning technical program. He landed two high and gorgeous quad salchows at the beginning of the program and then six more triples in the second half of the program including two triple axels. As he was perfect technically, he still lacks in the artistic part, especially in the second half of the program the choreography is very poor, even because six jumping passes are concentrated in the last minutes, giving small space to choreographic movements or transitions in general. However, that was a brilliant performance and he received almost 90 points for the technical elements. 162.19

Richard Dornbush (USA) had a up and down free skate, with some mistakes here and there. He nailed his first quad toe, almost fell on the second, did well the first triple axel and singled the second. A highlight of the program was a very difficult triple lutz-triple toe with both hands up on both jumps, but touched down at the end of the combo. 151.03

Nan Song (CHN) opened very well with a quad toe, a triple axel-triple toe and another triple axel. He skated clean with three more triples. 147.30

Daisuke Takahashi (JPN) had the door for gold wide open. He two footed both his quad toes, landed a good, but fell on a second one and did some randoms mistakes here and there and was unespectedly out of the podium. 140.15
Takahito Mura (JPN) started very well landing a quad toe, a triple lutz-triple toe and a triple axel. He has an amazing ability of landing every jump bending his knees but couldn't help from singling a lutz at the end of the program. 140.05

Ross Miner (USA) had a tough start to his program falling during the take off of his attempted quad salchow which he singled out, then he singled one of the triple axels planned in his program. He regrouped later in the program landing two gorgeous triple lutz-triple toe and triple lutz-single loop-triple salchow. 140.35

Andrei Rogozine (CAN) opened his program with two nice triple axels, one in combo with a triple toe. He had to fight on some landings but overall it was a good skate for him. 131.41

Misha Ge (UZB) had a nice and clean skate. He attempted just one triple axel, that was two footed and possibly under rotated but everything else was correctly executed. He landed a couple of triple flips and triple lutzes and a triple salchow-triple toe in the second half of the program. He received a -1 deduction for using a music with vocals but that didn't affect his score too much. 131.45

Nan Song (CHN) opened very well with a quad toe, a triple axel-triple toe and another triple axel. He skated clean with three more triples.

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