Friday, February 22, 2013

Challenge cup 2013: Carolina Kostner wins

Carolina Kostner won Challenge cup 2013 with a 126.09 points free skate. That wasn't her best program of the year, yet she managed to land six triples. She started with a very solid triple lutz, then executed a triple flip-triple toe, an element she wasn't doing since 2010, but got an under rotation call. Her mistakes were a singled axel and loop and she didn't get some levels, but it was a good program overall. She got a very good components score of 70.81. 

Mae Berenice Meite skated very clean nailing six triples, including a double axel-triple toe combo in the second half of the program, a flip and a lutz. 109.43.
Kerstin Frank held her third place position despite a fall on a triple toe. She did four triples and scored 90.17.

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