Sunday, September 2, 2012

Satoko Miyahara won in Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Satoko Miyahara (JPN) manteined her position (she was first after short program) to the end of the free skate where she delivered seven triples. She landed a triple lutz-triple toe combo, triple flip, triple loop, double axel, double axel-triple toe, triple lutz-double toe-double toe and a triple salchow. She did everything with ease and power, without any major mistake. She scored the personal best of 106.89.

Courtney Hicks had a very nice free skate with a triple flip-triple toe combo, triple loop, triple salchow, a sequence of triple loop-double axel, triple lutz, then two final mistakes as she doubled a flip and singled an axel. Anyway, the best components score of the competition and her advantage to Angela Wang after the short program took her right to the silver medal with a free skate of 102.41 points.

Angela Wang (USA) had an incredible free skate hitting a triple lutz-triple toe-double toe. Being 8th after the short program, she came in and skated her program brilliantly. Her performance was elegant and effortless, with two triple lutzes, a triple flip, triple loop, triple salchow and a couple of double axels (one with a step down). She set her personal best with 105.69 in the free skate earning the bronze medal.

Evgenia Gerasimova (RUS) had a very tough free skate with two falls. She skated clean in the first half of the program with a triple flip, triple lutz-double toe, a triple loop, but then a fall on the second triple lutz and on a double axel. She scored 93.38 getting the fourth place.

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