Friday, September 28, 2012

Nebelhorn Trophy 2012-Ladies short program

Adelina Sotnikova (RUS) won the ladies short program at Nebelhorn Trophy with 58.48. She fell on her triple toe-triple toe combo, but did well the other technical elements in her program. She landed a good triple flip and double axel and received level 4 on all her spins. She received the best components score of the competition (26.57).

Kaetlyn Osmond, the Canadian Nationals' bronze medalist, scored 55.68 assuring the second place in the short. She had troubles with triple toe-triple toe too, but didn't fell. Then she executed a good triple flip and double axel. Her gap with Sotnikova is mostly caused by a two points difference on the components score, however recovering in the free is in her range.

Elena Glebova (EST) is in the mix too with her 54.26. She did a triple lutz, a shaky triple toe-triple toe and a good double axel

Polina Shelepen (RUS) executed a triple lutz-triple toe, the most difficult combo of the competition, a triple loop and double axel, but lost some points on step sequence and spins that, with the exeption of a beautiful lay back, were judged a level two. (53.56 in fourth)

Caroline Zhang (USA) was one of the favourites for the podium, but got a tenth place caused by a struggle in jumping: she didn't complete the combo and struggled in the landing of triple loop and triple flip that was under rotated too. (45.43)

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