Saturday, September 1, 2012

Joshua Farris won in Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Joshua Farris (USA) won with a mesmerizing performance to a Piano Concerto. He opened with a stunning triple axel-triple toe, then a quad toe and triple lutz-double toe. In his seven triples program a wrong edge on a triple flip and a under-rotated triple loop were his mistakes. Otherwise his free was clean and smart. (total score of 218.69)

Joshua Farris' free skate

Keiji Tanaka (JPN) saved his second placed earned during the short program despite a struggled free skate. His program was highlighted by an opening triple axel-double toe and a triple flip-triple toe combo in the second half of the program. Nevertheless, he fell on a second triple axel (just after the first one) and on a double axel at the end of the program. Again he totally missed his flying camel spin getting a level one with negative goe. His total score was 182.50
Here is the video

Roman Sadovsky (CAN) had an impressive come back after a disastrous short program in which he ranked 8th. He did quite good in the free with seven triples, one fall on a triple flip. He had no lutzes or triple axels but he managed to skate almost clean earning the bronze medal. (158.77)
Here is the video

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