Friday, September 28, 2012

Nebelhorn Trophy-Men's free skate

Nobunari Oda won Nebelhorn trophy with a smart program of 153.69 points. He got credit for his quad toe, even if it was not perfect, two triple axels, triple lutz-triple toe and three more triples. He just popped a triple flip at the end of the program.

Konstantin Menshov did not have a very difficult technical content (despite a good quad and two triple axels)  but he performed the entire program with ease. He got all positive goes except for a singled axel (scheduled to be double). He earned 143.64

Keegan Messing had a brilliant free skate too, earning 142.22 points along with the bronze medal. He did a couple of triple axels successfully (one in combo with a triple toe in the second half of the program) but fell on attempted quad toe.

Tomas Verner and Michal Brezina had disappointing free skates and ranked sixthand fifth. Michal struggled a lot falling on three of his jumps (quad salchow, triple axel, triple loop).

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