Friday, February 10, 2012

4CC: ladies short

Mao Asada, with a new costume, took back her triple axel, but did not complete that clean. She two-footed it, yet other jumps were well done: triple flip-double loop and triple loop. She scored 64,25, just 0,04 under her season best.
Mao Asada's sp video

Ashley Wagner went for triple flip-triple toe for the first time this season. The triple toe seemed two footed a little bit. Then she did a nice triple loop and double axel. 64.07

Kanako Murakami nailed her triple toe triple toe combo, triple flip and double axel, despite her illness. 63.45

Caroline Zhang is proving she is back with a triple loop-triple loop combo (falling out of the second jump though), a nice triple flip and double axel. 58.74

Kenix Zhang did a clean triple toe-triple toe combo, then fell on triple lutz, completed well the double axel 54.07

Agnes Zawadzki fell on her opening triple toe meant to be in combo with another triple toe, but recovered in a triple lutz-double toe and double axel. 52,86

Amelie Lacoste opened with a solid double axel, the had troubles with the lutz singling it. She completed her jumping with a triple loop-double loop combo. 51,72

Cynthia Phaneuf continues her struggle with a disaster short: she fell on both double axel and triple lutz, then managed a triple loop-double toe combo. 50.76

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