Sunday, February 12, 2012

4CC: Pairs free

Sui/Han were expected to do two quads in their acrobatic routine, and they nailed that. They did their throw quad salchow two footed but perfectly rotated, triple toe-double toe-double toe sbs, quad twist. What a beginning! Double axel sbs. Giant throw triple flip. Lovely routine, they are surely a couple to watch in the future. 135.08

Denney/Coughlin did a clean program with triple twist, throw triple loop, triple toe sbs, single axel-double toe sbs, throw triple lutz. 122.07

Marley /Brubaker started with a fallen triple toe sbs, a nice triple twist, step out on double axel sbs, throw triple lutz, throw triple salchow at the end.116.46

Duhamel/Radford did a nice triple twist, struggled a little bit on their difficult triple flip-double toe-double toe combo, fell on triple salchow sbs, throw triple loop and throw triple flip with hand down. 114.24

Takahashi/Tran triple twist, fall on triple salchow sbs, they both popped the triple flip sbs, throw triple salchow with a very struggled landing, as well as the throw triple toe. 109.57

Evora/Ladwig did triple twist, two-footed, triple toe sbs, fall on the throw triple lutz, single axel-double axel sequence. Their lifts are so lovely. Throw triple loop. 107.24

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