Monday, February 13, 2012

4CC: Free Dance

Virtue/Moir did an almost perfect program. They got 111,24 and won. They earned a level four for all their elements except the circular step and received very positive goes.

Davis/White skated their program very fast to Fledermaus scoring 107.25, getting a very low technical score (low considering their usual) giving up the first place to their team-mates. They lost points (and got level three instead of four) on spin, circular steps, twizzles and midline step sequence.

Weaver/Poje did an intense and passionate free to "Je suis malade". They scored 99.03

Shibutani/Shibutani performed a very fast and funny free, so fast that alex was breathing very deeply at the end of the program.They scored 94.91

1 comment:

  1. Alex was having problem after the first minute, could tell they were slow and could hardly did what they were capable for. It's was obvious that he did not feel well.They were not "very fast", everybody who watched the FD knew that something wrong with Alex. Luckily, he got through it.