Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yuna Kim at Korean Nationals

Yuna Kim made her second competition of the season at Korean Nationals where she was missing since 2006.
Her short program today wasn't brilliant as the one she showed in Dortmund last month and a very supporting audience in Seoul could have put some kind of pressure on Kim's shoulders. She had a random fall at the very beginning of her short program, even before starting to gain speed for her jumping combination. As she lost focus during the transitions before her triple lutz, she popped it. The ice conditions weren't the best despite the great popularity of figure skating in South Korea, as the reported temperature was -4 grades Celsius. However, she then recovered and nailed a gorgeous triple flip-triple toe out of steps. The rest of the program was really enjoyable and well executed. She scored 64.97 and ranked first after the short program. 

Her free skate was perfect and very near to her golden Olympic performance. She landed 6 textbook triples including a triple lutz-triple toe, a triple flip and a couple of triple salchows proving to be in great form and ready to make a statement at World Championships in two months. She scored 145.80 in the free skate earning a total score of 210.77 performing one of the best skates of her life in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

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