Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alissa Czisny injured again

Alissa Czisny caused a hip injury during a pre-nationals competition at the Valley Figure Skating Club. She debuted on 11st January with her La Vie en Rose short program. Although it wasn't a perfect skate as she double footed her opening triple lutz, she showed herself in a solid overall condition, ready for US Nationals a week later. However, while performing her new free skate on "Gone with the Wind", after a promising start in which she nailed three triples (lutz, toeloop and loop) she fell hard on a triple flip and had to withdraw from the competition. Unofficial news say that she was brought to Hospital and she has already undergone surgery. While she won't probably attend Nationals next week, her just started season might end here.
Wishing her a very speedy recovery and the best luck for the future.
Alissa's free skate link


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  2. Alissa Czisny, the reigning U.S. National Champion is back on track to compete for ... Czisny injured her foot at the competition practicing triple flips but ... I'm trained well and strong enough so that that doesn't happen again