Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canadian Nationals, senior short programs recap

The senior events of Canadian National championships debuted today with the ladies, pairs and men short programs.
Kaetlyn Osmond is leading the ladies competition with over twelve points of lead on the second. She scored 70.04 nailing a triple toe-triple toe and a triple flip as solo jump. The Skate Canada International champion skated with great conviction and maturity to her short program getting amazing components score around 32 points.
Amelie Lacoste, the defending champion, is currently in second with 57,86. She had a strong start with a lovely double axel and a triple flip-double loop, but then fell on her triple loop, that is usually a trademark jump for her, and had to give up the lead.
Duhamel/Radford won the short program in the pairs competition, but second ranked Moore-Towers/Moscovitch are not far behind. Duhamel/Radford had an incredibly risky jumping content featuring a triple lutz side by side, that wasn't perfectly executed, and a throw triple lutz. They scored 69.08 with the best program components score of the competition.
Moore-Towers/Moscovitch had a more secure and flawless short program. The hit a side by side triple toe and a throw triple loop. Scored 68.23

As for the men, Patrick Chan is leading as expected with 94.63. He perfectly nailed the quad toe and the triple axel but then had a sloppy landing to his triple lutz and was able to jump just a double toe after that. Anyway his skating was supreme and he was rewarded with a 46 points components score.
Kevin Reynolds is sitting in second with a two-quad short program. He indeed attempted a quad salchow-triple toe, that was majestically executed, and a quad toe in the second half of the program in which he struggled a little bit, but fully rotated it. He went clean on the triple axel, lost some points on spins and components weren't too high so that he scored 85.32.
This event saw the come back of Emanuel Shandu who scored 60.42 ranking nineth with a triple flip-double toe, triple loop and double axel.

Patrick Chan's short program

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