Saturday, January 31, 2015

European Championships: Ladies free skate

Anna Pogorilaya: 3lz-3t without a long running edge, 3lo-1/2 lo-3s, 3f hand down, 3lz hand down, 2a, 2a, 3lo-2t tano. Technical score around 65 for her, good performance but probably not enough to put pressure on Radionova and Tuktamisheva. 125.71

Elena Radionova: 3lz-3t, 3f, 3lz, amazing spins, 3lo-1/2lo-3s, 2a, 2a, 3lo-2t. Gorgeous performance, what a champion's attitude. 139.08

Viktoria Helgesson: 3lo-2a, 3f, 3s hands down, 3lo, 3t fall, 2s-2t, 2a. It was hard for her to skate after Radionova, but she gave her best for her home crowd.

Elizaveta Tutkamisheva: 3lz-2t-2lo, gorgeous 3lz, 3f, maybe lost a level on the layback spin because of a very short biellmann, 3t-3t, 3lo, 3s-2a, 2a. TES around 74, incredible jumps, energy and zest in this program.

Joshi Helgesson: 3lz-2t, 3t, 3lo step out, 3lz step out, 3t-2t, 1s-2a, 2a

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