Sunday, October 6, 2013

Japan Open and Finlandia Trophy 2013 recap


As you probably know, Japan Open is a team competition where single competitive or former skaters from Japan, Europe and North America perform teir free skate. The event was won by Japan.
Among the ladies Mao Asada was the star of the competition scoring 135 with her new free skate. She was technically strong (maybe stronger than ever so early in the season) nailing almost all of her jumps.

Ashley Wagner debuted her Romeo and Juliet program with success. Her interpretation and music selection were quite unusual (and it is somewhat early for judging weather it is going to be her masterpiece or not) but she demonstrated to be incredibly solid on her jumps even nailing the triple flip-triple toe combo.

Javier Fernandez won the men competition with an incredible performance. He was near to perfection jump wise and sent a clear message to his competitors qith his tree quads.

Daisuke Takahashi was rather disappointing as far as jumps are concerned (he fell on quad toe and missed a triple axel), but his Beatles medley free skate showcases his amazing flow and edge work.

Takahiko Kozuka came in second with a brilliant performance, in which his only mistake was a popped triple axel.
Jeremy Abbott performed his 2011-2012 free skate as he has decided to use it in the olympic season. Although the quad toe still remains his nemesis, he nailed some good jumping passes such as a couple of triple axels.


In the dance competition of Finlandia Trophy, Virtue/Moir won debuting their new free dance. In both sections they struggled with some technical elements, as they often do in the fall season. Their free dance, scored about a hundred points, is a return to a classic and lyric style that emphasizes their strenghts.

Yuzuru Hanyu defended his title with ease performing a stunningly difficult program. He landed two quads, two triple axels and other four triples scoring a monstrous 180.

Julia Lipnitskaya defended her title as well overskating Akiko Suzuki and Elizaveta Tuktamisheva.
Julia was almost perfect with her seven triples free skate, while Suzuki struggled here and there popping few jumps.
Tuktamisheva, who was in sixth after the short program, has a come back free yet some mistakes couldn't allow her to a higher rank.

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