Monday, July 2, 2012

Yuna Kim back to competition

Yuna Kim had announced that she will be back to competions and will retire after the Sochi Olympics.

After a gap year, she annouced in a press conference in Seoul that she had struggled finding a motivation for coming back after the 2010 Olympics.
"After Vancouver, I couldn't find a bigger goal for myself as a figure skater, but expectations from fans kept growing, I had no idea just how much harder I had to train to stay in form, and I was afraid that I would let so many people down if I made mistakes in competition" 

Yuna said she has found her motivation while training in Seoul with younger skaters. "I was inspired by their hard work. It also gave the drive to keep going, and I decided I had some business left to take care of".

"I decided I could lower my own expectations and adjust my goal so I can simply skate for myself"

Yuna will attend the Olympics in Sochi where she will be the defending champion. After that, she said she would retire.

"Sochi will not be an end but a new beginning. It will be a new start for me as I pursue new dreams and take o new challeges"

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