Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Future Promises: Sui/Han

In the past ten years China presented a lot of talented pairs to the competitive world.
Sui/Han are youngest Chinese team that already made a senior debut. They won junior worlds few times and their highlight result in 2012 was a win at 4 Continents.
In their senior debut they astonished everyone with terrific technical content. They are very solid on throw jumps and twists while they are weaker on side by side jumps.
They have in their repertoire a throw quad salchow (that actually is not very consistent, it is most of the times two footed, but its base value is so high that a -1 or -2 goe doesn't affect too much) and a quad twist.
They didn't really focus on presentation and general components of the program in the past years, maybe it is due to the huge amount of work that their quads need.
This lack was clearly evident during worlds 2012 where they ranked 9th despite an overall good performance (It was not free of mistakes, they completely missed a lift, but it was good on the whole).
Anyway, they can surely better their artistry because they are very young and have all the time for improving and making experiences. One sure fact is that they are tremendously talented on the technical side and sooner or later they will use it to their fullest advantage.

Sui Han at 2012 4 Continents

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