Thursday, April 19, 2012

World Team Trophy: Ladies short

1.Carolina Kostner (ITA): triple toe-triple toe, triple loop, double axel. She had become such a strong competitor! 69.48 is a new personal best

2.Akiko Suzuki (JPN): Lovely lovely program. Triple toe-triple toe, triple lutz and double axel. She's got the crowd. 67.51

3.Kanako Murakami (JPN): triple toe-triple toe, triple flip, double axel. Anything very clean as Kanako can do 63.78

4.Gracie Gold (USA): Gracie makes her senior debut here. She had won silver medal at world junior champioships this year. She did tripe flip-triple toe, triple lutz with a very slight step out and double axel. A little bit immature still, but very good jumping and spins. 59.07

5.Ashley Wagner (USA): very nice triple flip-triple toe but fell on double axel. Good double axel. 57.52

6.Adelina Sotnikova (RUS): triple toe-triple toe, awful landing on triple flip. 56.12

7.Yretha Silete (FRA): She did a triple toe-triple toe, triple lutz, double axel. 54.83

8.Valentina Marchei (ITA): Triple lutz, triple salchow-double toe, double axel. Very funny program. 53.52

9.Alena Leonova (RUS): triple toe-triple toe (two footed), single flip, double axel. She looks tired, she was sick before leaving for Japan. 50.92 well below her best.

10.Amelie Lacoste (CAN): Double axel, triple loop-triple loop (downgraded), triple salchow with step out. 48.61

11.Mea Berenice Meite (FRA): Triple toe-triple toe, fell on triple lutz, double axel 48.57

12.Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN): triple toe-double toe, fall on triple loop, problems wih the double axel too. She is not in form yet, probably will be next year. 45.99

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