Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grand prix Assignments toughts: ladies

-As World medalists, Yuna, Mao and Carolina won't face during the Grand Prix series, and that thing is likely taking them straight to the final

-Mao Asada is gooing to have some competition at both Skate America and NHK Trophy as she will face Ashley Wagner and Akiko Suzuki plus some Russian ladies

-There are at least two Russian ladies in ANY event (three at Cup of China and Rostelecom Cup) setting an early fight for Olympic qualification

-These girls will debut as seniors: Elena Radionova, Anna Pogorilaya, Satoko Miyahara. Despite a deep field, no US junior lady from last year will compete as a senior.

-Ashley Wagner will compete against Mao Asada at Skate America and Yuna Kim at Trophee Bompard, making her last year's result (two wins) almost impossible to repeat.

-Grand Prix Final Predictions: Yuna Kim, Mao Asada, Carolina Kostner, Akiko Suzuki, Ashley Wagner. The 6th place will be a battle between Tuktamisheva, Sotnikova and Osmond

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