Friday, August 31, 2012

Joshua Farris leads the short program at Lake Placid- ISU Junior Grand Prix

Joshua Farris (USA) is leading the short program with a brilliant 72.20 and a gap of 14 points between him and Kenij Tanaka of Japan.
He did an amazing starting triple axel, a triple lutz-triple toe very near the board and a good (yet slightly bobbling and taken from a wrong edge) triple flip. He performed with a very good flow and interesting spins.
Here is his short 

Kenji Tanaka performed a beautifully choreographed program but some major mistakes brought him to second place with 58.63. He stepped out of his triple axel, then did a good triple flip and a triple toe-triple toe combo with a little turn at the end of it. He was given a level 1 with -0.81 for a flying camel spin where he  had completely lost the balance and gave it up after few revolutions.
Here is his short

Adian Pikteev of Russia ranked third with a clean program with double axel, triple lutz-triple toe and triple flip. (57.40)

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